OpenCart Installation

Opencart is famous shopping cart solution.Opencart installation takes less than five minutes to complete.

We will use following step to install opencart on localhost.We are assuming that you already have xampp or wampp in your machine.

Step 1

First we download opencart from here

Step 2

Unzip the above download folder inside "C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs"(or "C:\wamp\www").

Step 3

Create Database

CREATE DATABASE opencart; Step 4

Now create "opencart" folder and unzip the downloaded zip file.

Step 5

Now type following url in browser.

http://localhost/opencart/upload/install/ Step 6

Click on continue button.

Step 7

Before proceeding we need to rename two "config-dist.php" files to config.php.Location of file is given below.

  • "opencart\upload\"
  • "opencart\upload\admin"

here is opencart is working directory.

Step 8s

Replace Database Name with the name of your database in mycase it is opencart. Replace User Name with "root" and leave "Password",Also enter admin UserName, Password and Email.

Step 9

Congratulation Opencart installation on localhost is now completed.