Git Introduction

Git is a distributed version control system.Git was founded in 2005 by Linus Torvalds,the creator of linux os kernel. Nowdays many open source and commercial projects projects rely on Git for version control.

Git having a distributed architecture.Because of distributed architecture, It's maintain every developer's code base with full history of all changes.

Feature of Git

  • Free and open source:Git is open soruce DVCS (Distributed Version Control System).It is 100% free .
  • Simple:it is easy to understand and implement.
  • Fast :As most of the operations are performed locally, it increase the speed of operations.
  • Security : Git files,directories, versions,commits,tags and other git objects are secured by cryptographic hash function called secure hash function (SHA1).
  • No need of powerful hardware:In case of DVCS, developer's interact with the server only for push or pull we do not need heavy server.
  • Git documentation:Git provides excellent documentation.