Directory structure In Laravel 5

Laravel is growing PHP framework.Here We learn about the Directory structure of laravel 5.

Directory structure of laravel 5 look like below.

app                      //contains the core code of our application.
    Commands             //commands for our application are placed here.
    Console              //console contains  Artisan commands.
    Events               //contains event classes of our application.
    Handlers             //contains handler classes of our application.     
        Commands         //contains handler classes for commands. 
        Events           //contains handler classes for events.  
    Http                 //contains controllers, filters, and requests of our application. 
        Controllers      // contains controller class.
        Middleware       // contains middleware class.  
        Requests         // contains requests class.
bootstrap                // contains bootstrap the framework files.   
config                   // contains configuration files.
database                 // contains database migration and seeds.
public                   // contains images, JavaScript, CSS, etc of our application.
resources                // contains views, and language files.
    lang                 // contains language files.
    views                // contains views files.   
storage                  // contains compiled Blade,caches files,and other files generated by the framework. 
tests                    // contains your automated tests.