Create helper class In Laravel

In laravel we can create our own helper class to avoid repeating code.Helper class is simply a collection of functions in a particular category.

We will use following step to creare our own helper class.

Step 1

Create library folder inside app directory.

Step 2

Create a new file inside app/library/dateHelper.php and add follwing code.

class dateHelper
   public static function dateFormate($date)
   // change dateformate
  return date('m M Y', strtotime($date));
   public static function date_now()
   // returns current time/date
    return date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
Step 3

Open composer.json file and add below lines to the classmap section.

"app/library", "app/library/dateHelper.php", Step 4

Now we will create route.

Route: Route::resource('helperdemo','HelperDemoController'); Step 5

Create Controller file inside app/controllers/HelperDemoController.php.


class HelperDemoController extends BaseController {
  public function index()
echo $datenew = dateHelper::dateFormate($dateOld);
Step 6

Run "composer dump-autoload".