CodeIgniter Introduction

CodeIgniter is PHP Open Source php MVC framework that can help us to speed up the development of our web applications. CodeIgniter was written by Rick Ellis, rock musician turned programmer.

Advantage of CodeIgniter

  • Simplicity:It is very easy to use.
  • Documentation: CodeIgniter provides excellent documentation with examples.
  • Open source: It is 100% free .
  • Lightweight:Compared to other PHP frameworks CodeIgniter is very lightweight, means it is easier to create fast and responsive code with CodeIgniter.
  • No Installation:There is no installation required .
  • Easy Migration:Easy migration from server hosting to server hosting.
  • Easy Customization:It is based on MVC development pattern so that one can apply a new functionality without affecting the customization at all.

What is MVC?

MVC Stands for Model, View and Controller. MVC is software approach that separate your application logic from its data and presentation.


Model holds our data structures.Model Class contain functions that help us to retrieve ,update and insert data in our database.


View holds data presentation logic.View requests data from the model that it uses to generate an output representation to the user.


Controller work as coordinator between Model and View.Controller takes input from the user and instructs the model and a view to perform actions based on user input.