Add Categories to OpenCart

In this section of tutorial we learn how to add Categories to OpenCart.

To add categories Please refer following menu navigation.

Catalog -> Categories

Above navigation redirect you to the Categories listing section for your store.

Here you can configure the following settings.

  1. Edit Category
  2. Delete Category

To add new category click on the add button from the top.It will redirect you to the add Categories Page.

We can set Category name and Category Description from add Category may also add custom Meta information to improve seo.

Now, click on the Data tab to set category parent if any, filters and stores.

Parent - If you select parent of any category then category will be displayed as Parent Category -> Sub-Category.

Filters - Filter option iMap any pre-created filters to a category.

Stores - If you have multiply stores with OpenCart, please select the stores for which this category will be visible.

Status - From this otption you can enable and disable any cateogry.

After changing setting,please press save button top right side to finalize the process.